The Architecture & Interior Designing Industry (How It Works)

The Architecture & Interior Designing Industry  (How It Works)

How this Industry Works :

When one combines Art & Technology together, a new form of designing appears. Architecture & Interior Designing are also combinations of both art & technology.

The industry of Architecture & Interior Designing is growing rapidly worldwide as well in India. The major reason behind this growth is that people’s lifestyle has improved in the last some decades across the globe. In our country, this industry is now one of the top industries and growing rapidly. People involved in this industry have creativity at its best. As an architect, you perform the task of designing buildings, parks, malls, government & private projects etc. While as an interior designing you perform the task of designing interiors of buildings, offices, malls & other projects.

The number of organizations in India involved in the Architecture & Interior Designing industry is increasing as there are a lot of scopes available in this field. Due to the need for infrastructure development in our country, the demand for Architects & Interior Designers is also very high.

How this Industry Selects the Best Creative People :

To get into this industry, one must have a degree in the same field, whether it is Architecture or Interior Designing. The courses are available in both at Graduation and Post Graduation level. One must possess some special skills like Artistic ability, Creativity, Interpersonal Skills, Problem-solving skills, and Visualization to get into the industry.

There are many Architecture & Interior Designing organizations that are ready to hire you while studying through campus placements. Some of the top jobs in this sector are Interior Designer or Assistant Project Manager, Senior Interior Designer or Project Manager and Commercial Interior Designer. Beside this, you have also other options after completing your study. You can start your own firm or can work as a freelancer Architect or Interior Designer.

In some of the states in India, you will have to take license to work as an Architect or Interior Designer while in some states, there is no bound. But one thing you must have in all the cases, a relevant degree. Also, some of the states will issue you a license to work only when you pass the government exam in the same field.

How People Earn in this Industry :

This industry is full of scopes & opportunities when we talk about learning & earning. All you need is creativity in your specific area to reach the top. When you have that skill & creativity, the organizations will hire you with great packages.

Due to the high demand in this industry, you don’t have to be worried when you have a quality skill. Either you can be a part of any organization or you can work as an owner or freelancer. Your skills will attract may opportunities & projects when you’ll perform well.

So, if you have a deep passion to get into this field, all you need is your creative skill & relevant degree and you are in the skies of this industry.




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