Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Portfolio/ Showreel

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Portfolio/ Showreel

Why you need a Portfolio?

There was a time when only an artist needed a portfolio to show his/her work to the world. But, with time the scenarios kept changing and now we are in a world where everyone who has any kind of skill needs a portfolio.

The importance of a portfolio can be understood as you will be caught naked in the professional world if you don’t have a portfolio. Whatever skills you have, you need to show them by your online or offline portfolio to get hired or to find a place in today’s competitive world.

Let’s see some importance of having a portfolio with some important points:

  1. SELL YOUR SKILLS: Having a skill with you is also a business service that you offer to the organizations. When an organization hires you, it is actually purchasing your business service. Your professional portfolio works as a marketing brochure when you present yourself in any organization. Your portfolio helps your customers get to know about your services in detail and if they are worth purchasing.
  2. BE READY FOR INTERVIEWS: By showing your portfolio in any job interview you can present yourself in a much better way by letting the interviewer visualize about your past works and achievements. Also, you can prepare your answers according to your portfolio to explain to the interviewer how you can help their organization grow using your skills & experience.
  3. SEEK OPPORTUNITIES: Creating a portfolio including your skills & your unique experiences make you stand out of the crowd. If you won’t share your work and ideas with others, they won’t be able to know your potential and capabilities. Usually, people look for work you’ve done to identify your potential.
  4. BE HEARD: There’s no better way to put your ideas & thoughts about industry trends than to publish them on your blog website. Sharing your ideas through your blogs is one of the best ways to present your innovative thoughts. The contents written in any blog reflects the writer’s thought process and his/her problem-solving ability. By doing this, you don’t need to rush for opportunities, but many opportunities will knock your door.
  5. PROTECT YOUR CAREER: The modern world is the world of uncertainties where nothing can be called as secured, even you can’t tell if your career is secured in the near future. That is why you need to prepare yourself for various circumstances. Even in the current scenario, you are performing very well in your organization, but you never know when things will change and you will have to look for other options in the market. In this situation, your portfolio will save you and you will have other options in your pocket.

Having a portfolio is not the only thing that will keep you out of the crowd. But you will have to present it in a professional way. If you are up to any new skill, you’ll have to keep your portfolio updated with new learnings and experiences.




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