Ofrida Jobs in India

Ofrida Jobs in India


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O'Frida is about the agreement in restriction. It is about consideration. Of the yin with the yang. The innocent with the female. Of wings with roots. So you can acknowledge yourself as you find subtleties that make you the goddess you are. O'Frida commends the person in totality. Our product offerings/accumulations draw on the differentiation among streetwise and ladylike lines and outlines. Spacious, agreeable, useful. O'Frida makes apparel for ladies from various different backgrounds - past age, skin or body types. We take motivation from Frida Kahlo – who adored herself wildly and appreciated each snapshot of her life. We need to be a piece of your story, your fantasies, and your adventure. What's more, we need you – the bold, the fun and the intense visionary – to be a piece of our adventure. O'Frida is for one who does not pursue style. Since you know – you are a development in yourself. Complete. Free. Furthermore, regularly extending.

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