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We Value More on Quality and not in Quantity.

Hiring is a hassle, more so if you are looking for the perfect fit for your company. One has to go through a lot of CVs, make calls to numerous candidates. Sometimes the candidates do not pick up the phone, sometimes they are not interested for the location. If they are interested, they may not suit your requirement. Leave this all to us. Replace us with your HR. We will do all the hiring for you.

10,000+ Creative Professionals
30+ Employers served

Quality is the key

Others give you quantity. We give quality

Our niche

Our Niche - The Creative Industry

Who else focuses on the creative industry niche. Our whole and sole focus is on the creative industries like - Fashion, Photography, Animation & VFX, Architecture & Interior Design, Graphic Designing, Film, Performing Arts, Music, Language, Hospitality, Marketing and more

Full Time Job Posting Process

Full Time Job Posting Process

Our Process is fairly easy. Create your account on SkillDosti, post your requirements and start getting applications!!


Create your Account

Create your account on SkillDosti by clicking on the signup button.


Post your Requirement

Login into your account and post your job. You can manage all jobs using the "Manage Jobs" section.


Dedicated HR Manager

Stop worrying about finding the candidate. Your Dedicated HR Manager will do it for you.


Receive applications & Schedule Interview

Receive applications, schedule interview and send feedback. Hire the best!

How it works for Freelance Recruiters?

The process of our freelance portal is fairly simple. You can post your requirment for FREE and you will start getting applications from top freelancers. Hire freelancers based on your need.


Post a Project

Posting your opportunity is absolutely free on Freelance Portal. You’ll be notified once your opportunity is reviewed and made live. You’ll Start receiving quotes from top freelancers.

Post Freelancing


Hire Freelancers

Browse the profiles of the freelancers,Compare their work samples and Profiles. Shortlist the best freelancer to have a call with. Finalize the Agreement & hire.


Make Secure Payments

Using our Milestone Payment System will help you out in making a secure payment. You just set a complete fixed value of your project & create milestones to ensure that you are getting work on every step of the way as per your satisfaction. Don’t Worry! Your payment is totally secure in our Account.


Release of payment

We’ll release payment only when the deadline of work of each milestone set by you is successfully completed.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Posting a Job Requirement is FREE on SkillDosti. However, for a premium experience and service along with the services of a Dedicated Hiring Manager, we take a nominal charge. Have a look at our pricing.

If you want to hire a freelancer, you do not need to pay anything ever. Posting a Freelancing Opportunity is absolutely FREE on SkillDosti.

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Schedule a Call

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