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How it works for Freelance Recruiter?

How it works for Freelance Recruiter?

Our Process is fairly simple. You can post your requirment for FREE and you will start getting applications.


Post a Project

Posting your opportunity is absolutely Free Always. You’ll be notify once your opportunity is reviewed and Live. Then, You’ll Start receiving Quotes from our Freelancers.

Post Freelancing


Hire Freelancers

Browse the profiles of the freelancers,Compare their work samples and Profiles. Shortlist the best freelancer to have a call with. Finalize the Agreement & HIRE


Make Secure Payments

Using our Milestone Payment System will help you out in making a secure payment. You just set a complete fixed value of your project & Create milestone to ensure that you are getting work on every step of the way as per your satisfaction. Don’t Worry! Your payment is totally secure in our Escrow Account.


Release of payment

We’ll release payment only when the deadline of work of each milestone set by you is successfully completed.

For Employers: Hiring Employees

Are there any hidden charges?

No, We don’t charge anything from you and there are no hidden charges. We charge only from the candidates.

What if I liked the candidate but Want to start work later?

In this case, We have our “48 Hours” Policy. Once the call is placed between you and the shortlisted candidate. Just after the call You would be having 48 Hours to take your decision whether you want to move further with the candidate or not. If You say Yes, Only at that time you need to inform us that when you’ll start working with the candidate. If you say No, we’ll help you find another candidate.

Can I shortlist more than One Profile?

Yes definitely you can, We’ll let you have a conversation with every candidate you shortlist for your project.

What is Milestone Payment System?

You need to create Milestones for your project. Set a complete fixed budget and transfer the amount in our account. We will release payment only when the deadline of work of each milestone set by you is successfully completed. This is just to ensure that you are satisfied at every step of the project.

If after completion of first milestone, I am not satisfied with the work?

Our Project Manager will review your request. We will chalk out whatever best is possible keeping all the parties in view.

How it works for Candidates?

How it works for Candidates

SkillDosti helps you find projects. The process is simple and we don't charge you a penny till we help you find a project


Create your profile

Creating your Profile on SkillDosti is always Free. Complete your profile with all the necessary Details. Make sure, Your Work Portfolio is uploaded. It will help you to get Hired.


Apply to freelancing opportunities

Search opportunities you are looking for. Send your Quote for it. Make your profile that way, which grabs recruiter’s attention.


Discuss details wih the recruiter

Once your profile is shortlisted, A call will be placed with the recruiter. Understand the project and Discuss all your queries through the call ive your best, Impress the recruiter & get Hired


Complete milestones and get paid!

Understand the Milestone Payment System set by the recruiter for the project. Deliver work on every Milestone’s Deadline. We’ll release your payment at the end of each milestone. Don’t worry! We have your money safe in our Account

Our niche

Our Niche - The Creative Industry

Who else focuses on the creative industry niche. Our whole and sole focus is on the creative industries like - Fashion, Photography, Animation & VFX, Architecture & Interior Design, Graphic Designing, Film, Performing Arts, Music, Language, Hospitality, Marketing and more




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