If you are up for something challenging and enriching and want to help others along with getting yourelf the experience, intern with us. We are always looking out for energetic and passionate interns!

We offer a Marketing Internship Program in which the intern will become our SkillDosti Marketing Partner (SMP).

The SMP will be responsible for all marketing operations of SkillDosti in a pre-defined area. You will be required to demonstrate high levels of creativity and ownership. To help you in the process, there will be a senior executive who will be constantly training you. The training will be 6 months long and will be broken down into levels. Completion of each level wll fetch you a title and exciting goodies. The good part, you can do the internship in pairs. So bring your friend along!

What are the advantages of becoming a Skilldosti Marketing Partner?

  1.  You will get 1 or 2 days training on personal grooming.
  2.  You will get the chance to do a face to face conversation with the recruiters that will help you boost your confidence.
  3.  You will learn marketing in this process.
  4.  You will get recommended by us on LinkedIn.
  5.  You will get the internship credits and certificates.
  6.  The internship can be done in pair.




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