SkillDosti Student Partner program (SSP) is a highly disruptive 15 weeks program in which the focus is on the development of leadership and creative skills of a student. SkillDosti is looking for pro students with the ability of making a difference! A SSP can choose to be in one of the following divisions:

  1. SSP - Marketing
  2. SSP - Creative
  3. SSP - Event


Promoting SkillDosti among peers and helping them register in the system and via social media platforms & Promoting SkillDosti on social media platforms

Takeaways: Strong marketing and organization skills

Creative (Content Creation)

Writing articles & Creating videos related to their stream of choice

Takeaways: Creative creation skills refinement along with marketing essentials


SSP Event will be reponsible for conceiving, arranging, promoting events in college

Takeaways: Strong event planning, marketing, organization skills activity performed in exchange becoming an employee, volunteering,

Selection Process

The selection will be a 3 step process

Online application form submission

An application form will be sent to you which needs to be filled and submitted

Telephonic Interview

A telephonic interview will be conducted to gauge your skills

Creative Test (only in case of SSP Creative)

A short creative writing/video making test will be conducted

Role Structure and Certificate Role:

Each task comes with a predefined set of credits.

The role in your internship cerificate will be given on the basis of the credits earned.

Level Structure as per the credit system is:

  1. SSP - Junior
  2. SSP - Master

One student for a division batch will be made the manager of the batch. This will reflect in the certificate.

Application Process:

To enroll in this program, send us an email having the subject "SSP Application" having your resume and your preferred division on [email protected]


The candidate must be a student. Women willing to restart their career are also eligible.

Perks & Incentives:

SkillDosti Certificate

Get the valuable Experience Certificate from SkillDosti

Performance based incentives

SkillDosti awards you with incentives with every task you complete (You can earn upto Rs.10000 per month)

Work from Home

You do not have to come to the office. This is a work from home internship.

Get Featured on portal

SkillDosti Student Partners will feature on the portal

No Time Restriction

Work on your preferred timings. No time restriction from our side

Work Based Promotion

Work hard and you will be promoted to the next level. This will reflect in your certificate.

Weekly Guidance

SkillDosti Student Partners will be provided with guidance on improving your marketing and creative skills.

Access to guides and trainings to sharpen your skills

SkillDosti provides you with training guides for marketing, content creation and other training materials.

SkillDosti Awards & Goodies

Some exciting goodies and awards on the way for top performers!


What will I do as an SkillDosti Student Partner (SSP)

As SSP & Leader of your campus, your main role is to Promote SkillDosti internships, Jobs, Freelancing among your peers and Informing peers about latest events and online courses & Help your peers learn new skills via SkillDosti Training

Who can apply?

What is the duration of the SSP program?

Do I have to pay anything for applying to the SSP or after getting selected?

How much cash incentive can I earn in the SSP program?

Will I get a certificate that I can add on my resume?

How much time in a week or month I need to devote as an SSP?

Do I have to travel anywhere for the SSP program?

Great, how do I apply?

When will I get to know the selection of my SSP application?

Can I apply for SSP program during my Exams/Vacations?

Can I suggest to my friend or there be multiple SSPs in a college?

I have applied successfully, what are the next steps?

I have more questions about the program that have not been answered here - what do I do?




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