Terms of Service

SkillDosti.com is a product of Profami Web Services Pvt. Ltd. SkillDosti offers this website, including all information, information on website, information produced via official email address of SkillDosti.com, official telephone number of SkillDosti, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.

In this Agreement:
"Account" means the account associated with your email address.
"Buyer" means a User that purchases any service from the website. A User may be both a Buyer and a Seller under this agreement.
"Recruiter" means a User that posts a job or a freelancing opportunity on the website or tells SkillDosti.com to post the opportunity via E-mail, Telephonic Conversation or other means.
"Freelance Recruiter" means a Recruiter who posts a freelance job.
"Candidate" means a User that has an account on SkillDosti.com through which he can build his profile on SkillDosti.com and apply to jobs/freelancing opportunities.
"Job" refers to any type of opportunity, be in a full time opportunity, part time opportunity, internship or freelancing.
"Full Time Job" refers to a job wherein the recruiter hires the candidate as a full time employee in his company/firm.
"Project" or "Listing" or "Freelance Job" or "Freelance opportunity" means a freelancing job posted on SkillDosti.com which is contractual in nature or which comes under general definition of freelancing opportunities or freelance job.
"Quote" or "Quotation" refers to the services offered by the freelancer and the pricing he/she will charge for the services.
"Freelancer" is the person who will provide his services to the recruiter through the website in return of his service fees and is a candidate account holder at SkillDosti.
"Milestone Payment" means a payment made by the Buyer for the provision of Seller Services under a User Contract and which will be released in accordance with the section "Milestone Payments" of these terms and conditions.
"SkillDosti.com Services" means all services provided by us to you.
"User", "you" or "your" means an individual who visits or uses the Website, including via the API.
"we", "us", "our", or "SkillDosti" refer to SkillDosti.com.
"Terms and Conditions" or "Terms of Service" or "Terms" means: (1) this Agreement; (2) the Code of Conduct as amended from time to time; (3) any other contractual provisions accepted by both the Recruiter and Candidate uploaded to the Website, to the extent not inconsistent with the User Agreement and the Code of Conduct; (4) the Project terms as awarded and accepted on the Website, to the extent not inconsistent with the User Agreement and the Code of Conduct; (5) Privacy Policy; and (6) any other material incorporated by reference from time to time.
"Website" means the Websites operated by SkillDosti.com and available at: SkillDosti.com and any of its regional or other domains or properties, and any related SkillDosti.com service, tool or application, specifically including mobile web, any iOS App and any Android App, or API or other access mechanism.

Overview and Scope

By visiting our site and/ or purchasing something from us, or selling any product or services through us with/without usage of website functionalities or features, or buying/selling anything via official email and telephone number of SkillDosti.com, you engage in our "Service" and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service", "Terms"), including those additional terms and conditions and policies referenced herein and/or available by hyperlink like the Code of Conduct, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and all Website Policies. These Terms of Service apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/ or contributors of content.

Please read these Terms carefully before accessing or using our website. By accessing or using any part of the site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. Any new features or functionalities which are added to the website shall also be subject to the Terms.

You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and/or changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the website following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.


SkillDosti.com is an online marketplace to connect recruiters to prospective employees or freelancers in creative fields. The site is an open site with free access and Profami Web Services expect no obligation for the quality and validity of jobs posted on the website or the correctness or verification of the candidates on SkillDosti.com. Anyone can create an account on SkillDosti.com, free of cost and can post jobs or apply to jobs. Profami Web Services Ltd. won't be at risk by virtue of any incorrectness of data on this site. It is the obligation of the guest to further research the data on the site through other sources. Any rupture of protection or of the data given by the user to Profami Web Services Ltd. to be put on the site by specialized or some other methods isn't the duty of Profami Web Services Ltd.

Profami Web Services Ltd. doesn't ensure secrecy of data given to it by any individual gaining/utilizing all/any data showed on the skilldosti.com site and worked by Profami Web Services Ltd. We are not a party to any contractual agreements between Recruiter and Candidate in the online venue, we merely facilitate connections between the parties..


You will not use the Website if you: are not able to form legally binding contracts; are under the age of 18; a person barred from receiving and rendering services under the laws of any country or other applicable jurisdiction; are suspended from using the Website; or do not hold a valid email address. All free user accounts are associated with individuals. Login credentials should not be shared by users with others. The individual associated with the account will be held responsible for all actions taken by the account, without limitation. Users may provide a business name or a company name, which is associated with the User's Account. Users acknowledge and agree that where a business name or company name is associated with their Account,this Agreement is a contract with the User as an individual (not the business or company) and Users remain solely responsible for all activity undertaken in respect of their Account. A company, corporation, trust, partnership or other non-individual corporate entity may be a User subject to an eligible corporate account which pays corporate subscriptions. We may, at our absolute discretion, refuse to register any person or entity as a User. You cannot transfer or assign any rights or obligations you have under this agreement without prior written consent.

Using SkillDosti.com

While using the website, the user will not transfer, post, transmit, distribute, or disseminate any material or data that is unlawful, or which may possibly be seen as being destructive, compromising, injurious, bothering, slanderous, offensive, indecent, profane, or racially, ethnically, or generally questionable. The user will not infringe any laws, third party rights or our policies. The user will not fail to deliver the services for which he is being paid and will not fail to pay for the services delivered to him. The user will not circumvent or try to manipulate the fees structure. The user will not take any action that will affect the security and privacy of the website or its users.

The user explicitly expresses that the resume/addition or data/information being input into the system of Profami Web Services Ltd. by the client is right and complete in all regards and doesn't contain any false, mutilated, controlled, deceitful or deluding realities or averments. Profami Web Services Ltd. explicitly renounces any risk emerging out of the said resume inclusion/data/information so bolstered into the system of Profami Web Services Ltd. by the client. Further, the client consents to repay Profami Web Services Ltd. for all misfortunes brought about to Profami Web Services Ltd. because of any false, misshaped, controlled, slanderous, hostile, revolting, vulgar, fake or misdirecting realities or generally offensive averments made by the user on the system of Profami Web Services.

The User is exclusively in charge of keeping up classification of the User secret phrase and client distinguishing proof and all exercises and transmission performed by the User through his client ID and will be exclusively in charge of stealing out any on the web or away line exchange including Visas/platinum cards or such different types of instruments or archives for making such exchanges and Profami Web Services Ltd. accepts no accountability or obligation for their ill-advised utilization of data identifying with such use of charge cards/check cards utilized by the supporter online/disconnected.

The User/Subscriber/Visitor to SkillDosti.com as well as its partnered sites does thus explicitly concur that he/she will, consistently, conform to the necessities of the Information Technology Act, 2000 as likewise administers, guidelines, rules, bye laws and notices made thereunder, while surveying or any resume/addition or data/information into the PCs, PC frameworks or PC system of Profami Web Services. The said User/endorser/guest to SkillDosti.com as well as its associated sites does advance unequivocally announce that on the off chance that he damages any arrangements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 or potentially runs, guidelines, rules, byelaws and notices made thereunder, he will alone be in charge of every one of his demonstrations, deeds and things and that only he will be obligated for common and criminal risk there under or under some other law until further notice in power.

The User is exclusively in charge of getting, at his very own cost, all licenses, grants, assents, endorsements and protected innovation or different rights as might be required by the client for utilizing the Service

Profami Web Services Ltd. will not be at risk for any misfortune or harm continued by explanation of any exposure (incidental or something else) of any data concerning the client's record and/or data identifying with or in regards to online exchanges utilizing Visas/platinum cards and/or their confirmation procedure and points of interest nor for any mistake, exclusion or incorrectness as for any data so revealed and utilized whether in compatibility of a lawful procedure or something else.

It is your obligation to guarantee that you are approved to post positions for your association's sake. Any contest or legitimate case emerging out of unapproved posting would be exclusively your risk and you repay Profami Web Services Ltd of all potential results of such activities.

On the off chance that you transfer your association's logo while posting your job/freelancing or making/refreshing your organization profile, you are approving SkillDosti.com to show it on our site alongside position post or in the rundown of our customers. It is your duty to guarantee that you are properly approved to impart your association logo to outsiders and enable them to utilize it.

Profami Web Services Ltd claims all authority to distribute position/opportunity post of Employers on its online life handles and occupation board accomplices like LinkedIn, Indeed and so on., and in papers so as to build the perceivability of the job post/freelancing. You should give exact and complete insights regarding the association and the entry level position. Any demonstration of deception or concealing material data would bring about your record being for all time blocked or some other appropriate activity as regarded fit.

The User/Subscriber/Visitor to SkillDosti.com and/or its affiliated websites does hereby specifically agree that he/she shall, at all times, comply with the requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 as also rules, regulations, guidelines, bye laws and notifications made thereunder, while assessing or feeding any resume/ insertion or information/data into the computers, computer systems or computer network of Info Edge. The said User/ subscriber/ visitor to SkillDosti.com and/or its affiliated websites does further unequivocally declare that in case he violates any provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and/or rules, regulations, guidelines, byelaws and notifications made thereunder, he shall alone be responsible for all his acts, deeds and things and that he alone shall be liable for civil and criminal liability there under or under any other law for the time being in force. The User is solely responsible for obtaining, at his own cost, all licenses, permits, consents, approvals and intellectual property or other rights as may be required by the user for using the Service

SkillDosti.com will not be used in a manner Which constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to other liability, or otherwise violate applicable law or that harms anyone in anyway. Also, it should not be used in a way which threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognisable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nati

You may only use the Website for lawful purposes when seeking employment or help with your career, when purchasing training courses or when recruiting staff. You must not under any circumstances seek to undermine the security of the Website or any information submitted to or available through it. In particular, but without limitation, you must not seek to access, alter or delete any information to which you do not have authorised access, seek to overload the system via spamming or flooding, take any action or use any device, routine or software to crash, delay, damage or otherwise interfere with the operation of the Website or attempt to decipher, disassemble or modify any of the software, coding or information comprised in the Website

Promotion and Content

For promotion, we may display your company, business name , logo and other information such as the job description on the website and other platforms for marketing except where you have explicitly requested this in writing and we have agreed. The Website may contain links to other third party websites. We do not control the websites to which we link from the Website. We do not endorse the content, products, services, practices, policies or performance of the websites we link to from the Website. Use of third party content, links to third party content and/or websites is at your risk.

User Account and Identity

You agree that the information posted by you through your account on the website is correct. You authorize us to make necessary amends to improve your profile. The amends will be in accorandance to the information provided by you through E-mail or through Phone call. Also, you authorize us to remove all contact information from your profile and your resume/portfolio so that contact can only be established through SkillDosti.com's internal mechanisms. You acknowledge that your profile and the information posted in your account, including your work samples, can be made accessible through search engine crawlers.

SkillDosti.com is not responsible for any false and fake information posted in your account. Also, it is not possible for SkillDosti.com to verify each and every user that has an account on the website. You are fully responsible for your account information, it's correctness and any information that is put across through your account.

General Terms & Conditions for Users

While using SkillDosti, you will not do or attempt any of the following:

1. Post false, deceptive, inaccurate, defamatory, misleading or offensive content, inappropriate content or items or services in inappropriate categories on SkillDosti.

2. Do Infringement of any laws, third party rights or policies, such as Code of Conduct;

3. Transfer your SkillDosti account to another party without our consent

4. Not deliver payment to SkillDosti for services delivered to you by SkillDosti or in any way try to manipulate or circumvent our fee structure or billing process owed to SkillDosti

5. Fail to deliver Services on time purchased from you by our clients

6. Take any action that may undermine the reputation of SkillDosti

7. Distribute/ post spam, bulk or unsolicited electronic communications or pyramid schemes, chain letters,

8. Distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm SkillDosti and its users (including their privacy, Intellectual Property Rights, publicity rights) or is unlawful, abusive, vulgar, threatening, ,defamatory, invasive of privacy, obscene, profane or which may harass or cause inconvenience or hatred to any person

9. Use listings from SkillDosti for display from other websites without our written permission, Also, you would not "mirror","frame", or incorporate any part of the SkillDosti into any other website without prior written consent and authorization;

10. Not attempt to translate, modify, edit, adaptd, disassemble, ecompile, or reverse engineer any programs used and written by SkillDosti; and not copy any content from SkillDosti. You will also not collecct or harvest any other informtion about SkillDosti's users without their consent.

General Important Terms & Conditions for Candidates

1. In the event that you have applied for a job/freelancing on SkillDosti.com and get a correspondence from SkillDosti.com or Employer in regards to your application, you should react to it with-in 24 hours.

2. When you acknowledge a job/freelancing offer, you should attempt to join and begin the position on schedule. Do not appear or to decrease a previous acknowledged position offer finally, or to go incommunicado makes a poor impression of you before the Employer and lessens the believability of the Applicant people group on the loose.

3. You should give exact and complete data at the hour of position application or making a record on SkillDosti.com – any deception of data, or stowing away of material data, or pantomime would bring about your record being obstructed on the site.

4. You must pay attention to profile complete details before applying for it. Irrelevant applications will result in your account being penalized (we may stop you from applying to future internships/freelancing/jobs or block you account all together).

5. While we try our earnest attempts to present to you the most ideal position openings, SkillDosti doesn't ensure a position.

6. Upon enlistment, your enrolled email id and telephone number will be naturally bought in to get email from SkillDosti. You may quit it whenever by sending an E-mail to [email protected]

7. Once applied to any internship/jobs/freelancing does not mean that the employer has surely hire you. Employer will send interview invites to those applicants whose profile & credentials matches their job requirement

8. We are not responsible for background checks on recruiter

9. We are not responsible in case of any bad event through any interaction through the website. You understand that we do not conduct background checks on the recruiter and it is the responsibility of the candidate to do his own research when it comes to the recruiter or the job posting.

10. We are not responsible if the recruiter asks for any money. We urge candidates to not fall for such scams.

11. We are not liable for genuineness and correctness of the jobs

12. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy of information

13. We are not responsible that the candidate's deal with the recruiter will be successful.

General Important Terms & Conditions for Recruiters

1. We do not commit to any particular number of applications, even in the paid plan. We also do not commit that the recruiter will be able to hire a candidate of his choice.

2. We are not responsible if the candidate does not join or leaves the company after joining

3. We are not responsible if the candidate does not turn up for the interview

4. We are not responsible for background checks on the candidate

5. We are not responsible in case of any bad event

6. We are not liable for genuineness and correctness of the responses

7. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy of information

General Terms & Conditions in case of Freelance Opportunities

1. SkillDosti.com acts as an intermediary between the Recruiter and a prospective Freelancer. SkillDosti is entitled to enter into agreements with Freelancer in the name and for the account of the Recruiter if a written or electronic proxy has been given to SkillDosti. SkillDosti will never become a party to a Contract and will not enter into Contracts in its own name. SkillDosti will not be responsible for the completion of the project. SkillDosti will only act as a mediator till the freelancer and the quote is finalized. All further communication should be carried out with the freelancer.

2. We do not conduct background checks on recruiters and candidates

3. SkillDosti.com is not a party to the dealing, contracting and fulfillment of any Project between an Employer and a Freelancer. SkillDosti.com has no control over and does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of any services performed or deliverables created, advertised, the truth or accuracy of project listings, the qualifications, background, or abilities of Registered Users, the ability of Freelancers to perform services, the ability of Employers to pay for services, or that an Employer or Freelancer can or will actually complete a Project. SkillDosti.com is not responsible for and will not control the manner in which a Freelancer operates and is not involved in the hiring, firing, discipline or working conditions of the Freelancer. All rights and obligations for the purchase and sale of services or other deliverables are solely between an Employer and a Freelancer. SkillDosti.com will not provide any Freelancer with any materials or tools to complete any Project. Employers and Freelancers must look solely to the other for enforcement and performance of all the rights and obligations arising from Project Agreements and any other terms, conditions, representations, or warranties associated with such dealings. SkillDosti.com is also not responsible for any copyright issue

4. Employer and Freelancer each acknowledge and agree that the value, reputation, and goodwill of the Website depend on their performance of their covenants and agreements as set forth in their Project Agreement. Employer and Freelancer therefore appoint SkillDosti.com as a third-party beneficiary of their Project Agreement for purposes of enforcing the obligations owed to, and the benefits conferred on, SkillDosti.com by these Terms of Service. Employers and Freelancers further agree that SkillDosti.com has the right to take such actions with respect to the Project Agreement or their Accounts, including without limitation, suspension, termination, or any other legal actions, as SkillDosti.com in its sole discretion deems necessary to protect the value, reputation, and goodwill of the Website.

5. SkillDosti is bound by a best-efforts obligation and not by an obligation of result. SkillDosti is not responsible for the conclusion or the performance of the Contract.

6. SkillDosti acts as an intermediary for the benefit of the Recruiters and Freelancers only. Recruiters and Freelancers cannot derive any rights from the Intermediary Agreement or the activities performed by SkillDosti in that connection.

7. All information, documents, data and calculations supplied by SkillDosti are for information purposes only and non-binding. SkillDosti does not guarantee the correctness of this information, these documents, data and calculations. The Recruiter and the Freelancer is obliged to verify the correctness and accuracy of these by itself.

8. SkillDosti can give the Recruiter and the Freelancer advice on the correct performance of the Contract without any obligation. SkillDosti assumes no liability with respect to such advice and/or the performance of work by Recruiter or Freelancers based on such advice.

9. The recruiter can demand a refund only and only in case the freelancer with whom the contract is specified stops working without any communication. The refund will be made after the deduction of SkillDosti's service charges.

10. All freelance jobs where budget is pre-defined must follow the Milestone payment system wherein the recruiter transfers the project cost to SkillDosti's account and according to the milestones pre-decided by the recruiter and the candidate, the subsequent payments will be released to the freelancer with every completing milestone. The recuiter understands that quality of work is subjective and the quality of the work delivered by the freelancer is not a deciding factor in setting a milestone as complete.

Liability of Skilldosti.com

1. SkillDosti is never liable for the conclusion, performance, non-performance, breach of contract or cancellation of the Contract between the recruiter and candidate.

2. SkillDosti is never liable for the incorrectness or inaccuracy of information, documents, data, calculations or advice given by SkillDosti to the Recruiter or Candidates.

3. SkillDosti is never liable for indirect damages, such as loss of turnover or loss of profit.

4. In case of freelance opportunities, The liability of SkillDosti is in any case limited to the direct damage of the Recruiter or Freelancer up to a maximum of the commission charged by SkillDosti in connection with the object to which the damage relates, with a maximum of INR 5,000 per year. In case of full time opportuntities, SkillDosti is not liable for any kind of damange. It's responsibily is only posting the opportunity on the website.

5. SkillDosti is not liable for any kind of bad event

Payment and Services of Skilldosti.com

Services To Recruiters for Full Time jobs - SkillDosti provides the online platform "SkillDosti.com" as a service for the fees it charges from the recruiters. SkillDosti is responsible for posting the opportunity on the platform.

Services To Recruiters for Freelance jobs - SkillDosti provides the online platform "SkillDosti.com" as a service to the freelance recruiter. SkillDosti charges the recruiter only in case the budget is not specified by the recruiter. In return of the service charge, the recruiter can use the platform for posting freelance opportunities and receiving quotes for the same. For all other cases where budget is specified, SkillDosti does not charge the freelance recruiter. The recuriter has to abide by the Milestone Payment System for any conversion through the platform.

Services To Candidates for Full Time jobs - SkillDosti provides the online platform "SkillDosti.com" as a service to the candidates to apply to the jobs. No fees is charged from the candidates who are applying to full time opportunities.

Services To Candidates for Freelance jobs - The freelance candidates can send quotes to multiple oppportunities free of cost. However, after a conversion, SkillDosti charges a fees from the candidates. SkillDosti provides the online platform "SkillDosti.com" as a service for the fees it charges from the freelance candidates along with the Milestone based payment system as a service.

SkillDosti maintains the right to change the fees whenever and wherever required on its own discretion.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute with other users - SkillDosti is not responsible or liable in any way for any dispute between users. However, to help in dispute resolution between the freelance recruiter and freelancer, SkillDosti has a "Milestone Dispute Resolution Policy".. Both the recruiter and the freelancer agree that SkillDosti has the right to take decision in case of any dispute and the decision of SkillDosti.com is final in such cases.

Dispute with SkillDosti.com - In case any dispute arrises between you and SkillDosti.com, our goal is to address your concern immediately and provide a resolution in the best of our capability. Kindly drop in your concern at [email protected]


You will indemnify us (and our officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint venturers and employees) against any claim or demand, including legal fees and costs, made against us by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement, or your infringement of any law or the rights of a third party in the course of using the Website and Freelancer Services. In addition, we can apply any funds in your Account against any liabilities you owe to us or loss suffered by us as a result of your non-performance or breach of this User Agreement

Account Clousure

You may request for closure of your account any time by sending your request to [email protected] Account closure is subject to not havin any outstanding dues or listings or matters. We may retain some of your information. You will however, stop getting updates from the system.

No waiver

Our failure to act with respect to an anticipated or actual breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. Nothing in this section shall exclude or restrict your liability arising out of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Governing Law

The validity, construction, interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the courts of Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to try the matters arising out of this Agreement..


In case of any feedback or concern, kindly write to us on [email protected]